Hot Dudes Reading: The Best Instagram Account to Happen Since, Well, Ever


Two men reading books on a train.
(Image credit: Hot Dudes Reading)

According to this new Instagram account, there are attractive, literate men in the wild, and even though none of them ride my subway line, other people elsewhere have gotten close enough to take creeper shots. Doesn't photographic proof of their existence make you feel just a little better?

With clever hashtags and book puns galore, Hot Guys Reading blurrily introduces us to the best the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has to offer, from clean-cut Patrick Bateman-y investment-banker types to the sculptor whose side hustle is modeling for Banana Republic. Is that artist dude single, by the way? Will he consider shaving his beard? And which one is documented HGR fan Lance Bass's favorite? We won't know until the creator starts conducting Humans of New York-style interviews, which is a polite way of saying, "DO IT."


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