Ariana Grande Teases a New Retro Track, Should Go Back in Time More Often

It's like "Lady Marmalade" + "That Thing" and you will love it.

In the age of auto-tune, who doesn't love a pop star with serious pipes? Ariana Grande's reminding us she's got 'em in spades (just in case Donut-Lick-Gate made you forget) with new single "Focus," which she's teased in a new ad for her first fragrance Ari. 

The video shows a tutu-clad Grande riding around in a lavender, '60s-era sports car, and that's not the only thing retro about it. From the jazzy horn section to her soulful riffs, the track boasts a totally vintage sound that suits her belt-worthy vocals to a tee. 

As for the single's album art, Grande continues to turn back the hands of time with her mod-inspired cat eyes, pale pink lips, and a newly-minted white-blonde dye job inspired by none other than Lucious Malfoy. (Because...sure.)

"Focus" is the lead single off Grande's upcoming third album Moonlight and is due to drop on October 30. Watch the perfume commercial-slash-teaser here, prepare to get your retro on:

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