Barack Obama's White House Photographer Is Hilariously Trolling Donald Trump


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If you don't follow former White House photographer Pete Souza on Instagram, you should, because a) his photos offer amazing behind-the-scenes access to the Obama administration, and b) he's been low-key trolling Donald Trump with the following hilarious posts. (P.S. Stay up-to-date on all the Trump antics described below here.)

1. When reports surfaced that Trump's team can't find White House light switches and are meeting in the dark, Souza shared this:

2. When news broke that Trump told Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto that he needed to deal with "bad hombres," Souza shared a snap of Obama and Peña Nieto having drinks.

3. When Trump tried to institute an immigration ban, Souza went ahead and published this photo of Obama talking to a refugee.

4. When Trump pissed off literally all of Australia after his news-making phone call with prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Souza posted this:

Find more amazing posts from Souza here, and BTW, sometimes he trolls Obama, too. *wink*

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