Watch Jimmy Kimmel Read Mean Tweets from Trump Supporters

"You sound like a whining baby. Does baby Jimmy want his bottle?"

In the wake of President Trump's off-the-rails press conference Tuesday afternoon, in which he walked back his already half-hearted condemnation of the white supremacists who marched on Charlottesville, Jimmy Kimmel had a message for Trump's voters. "You know, deep down inside, you made a mistake," he said in his monologue on Tuesday night—and predictably, those still in denial had a few messages for Kimmel in return.


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"I think it might have worked, I really think I made a breakthrough," Kimmel said last night, "and I base that on the thoughtful responses I got on Facebook and Twitter." He then went on to read a few of those "thoughtful" responses, in what became an unofficial rendition of his regular Mean Tweets segment.

"Why don't you go somewhere else like a different country if you don't like our president and stop you're [sic] crying on TV, snowflake," read the first of many responses from the MAGA crowd. Watch the video above to enjoy the full spectrum of the trolls' responses, their unintentionally hilarious typos, and Kimmel's deadpan responses.

The only downside here is that Trump himself, the ultimate mean tweeter, did not weigh in directly. Give it time.

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Emma Dibdin

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