This Fashion Brand Wants Every Woman to Find Her “Uniform”

Don't overthink your outfits ever again.

Jenni Kayne Finding Your Uniform Campaign
Angi Welsch For Jenni Kayne

The trick to building a great wardrobe is finding those go-to pieces you can wear again and again. And, Jenni Kayne is here to help. The brand, which offers minimalist pieces, launched its first-ever "Find Your Uniform," campaign on May 7.

Its message is for women to curate quality, every-day pieces so that their lives become a bit easier. (After all, not having to overthink your outfits saves you a lot of time in the mornings!). The campaign also stars three different women—Phoebe Tonkin, Lara Worthington, and Tylynn Nguyen—to show that not everyone's "uniform," is the same.

It's about finding a style that works for you and letting your own personality shine through. Scroll on below to watch the empowering video, then check out some stills from the campaign.

marie claire logo
Marie Claire
Angi Welsch For Jenni Kayne
Angi Welsch For Jenni Kayne
Angi Welsch For Jenni Kayne

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