Designer Watch: Alice Roi

We've got a new designer crush! Check out Alice Roi's gorgeous line below.

[image id='50565649-bddf-4fae-a1cf-140b3946a3df' mediaId='a534d32a-6662-4a64-bbe9-39eafc98d58e' loc='C'][/image]

[image id='50565649-bddf-4fae-a1cf-140b3946a3df' mediaId='a76665c2-263d-4a44-a6da-ad77c57106a2' loc='C'][/image]

We love discovering new designers to crush on, and our latest is Alice Roi, a New York-based designer who possesses the special knack of creating pieces that are both feminine, yet push the boundaries. Case in point: the sports-inspired metal shinguards that adorn models legs in her latest lookbook. And while we may not be sporting a pair ourselves, there's nothing more inspiring than a new accessory.

[image id='0bb093b5-2b0e-427f-90d2-c29d628c05eb' mediaId='49727040-f914-4fb6-b302-6850971d0c05' loc='C'][/image]
[image id='29699053-fbc5-4896-9630-48cbf8f073ad' mediaId='77d019b0-f4cd-4166-9c9e-c7e11365da4f' loc='C'][/image]
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