5 Papyrus Pieces Under $100

Who doesn't love to shop? This November we're bringing you five items from some of our favorite nationwide stores, all under $100, and—'cause you know, we picked them—all perfect for Christmas gifts.

Raise your hand if you're addicted to office supplies—cause we are! Stepping into a Papyrus doesn't just mean cards and wrapping paper, we can't ever resist the adorable knick knacks either! Consider the picks above an investment to your workplace, because we guarantee scented highligters make the workday more fun!

1. Paris City Mug, $9.95; papyrus.com

2. Jonathan Adler Giant Scotty Dog Eraser, $9.95; papyrus.com

3. Yummy Scented Highlighters, $4.95; papyrus.com

4. Pantone Assorted Note Cards, $14.99; papyrus.com

5. Knock Knock DUH Sticky Notes, $3.50; papyrus.com

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