Alice + Olivia Collaboration with Artist David Choe Gets Trippy Chic

Fluorescent splashes inspired by the works of graffiti artist David Choe make for a killer party.
Alice & Olivia

It was all about trippy chic at launch party for Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet's collaboration with graffiti artist and muralist, David Choe. With rooms splashed with glow-in-the-dark paint, and beaded dresses spinning among disco balls, the party celebrated the intersection of street art and fashion. "Every watercolor painting I would see of David's, I would see turning into dresses," Stacey Bendet told, while dressed in her own Choe-inspired creation. "Everything would pop out of the painting."

Wearing a suit from Chinatown embellished by Bendet that morning, Choe described the democratic nature of fashion and street art. "I like the accessibility of [fashion] because the fine art world is so stuffy and it is only for the elite," he said.

Courtesy of Alice & Olivia
Courtesy of Alice & Olivia
Courtesy of Alice & Olivia
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