Fall 2014 Hair Trend: Looped Chignon at Dennis Basso

We were thrown for a loop in the best way possible!
Courtesy of Liana Satenstein

Dennis Basso took the chignon and put an avant-garde spin on it, tucking and looping hair, creating a modern twist on a classic hairstyle.

Want to recreate the look for a wedding or black tie event? It's simple — Halli Bivona and Jay Ree from John Barrett Salon give us the details:

Step 1: Make a deep side part and slick back into a mid-height ponytail.

Step 2: Lightly tease the ponytail to get more volume and then smooth out the outer strand to conceal any frizz.

Step 3: Then loosely start to wrap under the base of the ponytail and then over the hair band.

Step 4: Bobby pin into place and finish with a healthy dose of hair spray and shine spray to get a slick architectural look.

Courtesy of Liana Satenstein
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