10 Best Fashion (under $100)

Jeff Harris
Three cheers for red, white, and blue American classics... now at prices low enough to cause a revolution.

1. CARDIGAN, $29.99, Libertine for Target; target.com.

2. TOP, $68, Banana Republic; banana republic.com.

3. SHIRT, $89.50, Lauren by Ralph Lauren at Bloomingdale's; (212) 705-3135.

4. NECKLACE, $70, Starlet Accessories; starlet accessories.com.

5. SHORTS, $39.50, Express; expressfashion.com for stores.

6. SHORTS, $85, Lacoste; (800) 4-LACOSTE for stores.

7. BAG, $32, Amici Accessories; amici accessories.com.

8. SUNGLASSES, $55, Jessica Simpson at Macy's; (212) 695-4400.

9. SANDALS, $99, Matt Bernson; mattbernson.com.

10. WEDGES, $90, Seychelles; nordstrom.com.

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