14 Monogrammed Gifts for the Girl Who Loves a Personal Touch

Meaningful, not cheesy.

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For a gift to stand out nowadays, it has to have something extra. It has to have meaning. Whether that's initials stamped on a wallet or coordinates engraved on a bracelet, these special touches make the gift you're presenting that much more special. It's like the item was made specifically for the recipient (it kinda was).

Personalization has been named a key fashion industry theme for 2018, with many retailers offering some form of customization, whether that's on a denim jacket or gold signet ring. "[People] want to express themselves any way they can. They want to make their pieces theirs," Wes Ng, CEO of Casetify, a brand known for monogrammed iPhone cases, told Shopify when asked about the trend. Of course, customized pieces can easily veer into cheesy territory (the horror!). Blessedly, the 14 monogrammed gifts, ahead, all pass the elegance test.

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Marina Liao
Fashion Editor

Marina Liao is the former fashion news editor at MarieClaire.com, where she covered celebrity style (from Meghan Markle to Katie Holmes), fashion trends, and shopping advice, plus conducted original interviews with industry insiders. She's also had many opportunities to write content in other areas such as beauty, food, tech, and even home. Her previous fashion stints include POPSUGAR and Cosmopolitan.