Victoria Beckham Chats Beauty, David, and Her New Nail Collection

As the designer makes her first foray into beauty, we pick her brain about her routine.

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It's been a big year for Victoria Beckham: She opened her flagship store in London, she became a UNAIDS International Goodwill Ambassador, and she was just named Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Her latest endeavor has her dipping her toes into the beauty world for the first time (and we're sure it won't be her last) for a collaboration with Nails Inc. The designer and mother of four has created two limited-edition nail polishes inspired by her upcoming Japanese-influenced Victoria for Victoria Beckham spring/summer 2015 collection.

Both shades, Judo Red and Bamboo White, are encased in chic, minimalist bottles designed by Fabien Baron with a black and white matte finish and clear side panels that reveal the gorgeous orangey-red and nude polish inside. The lacquer features a stretch-to-fit formula (much like Beckham's dresses) and bamboo extract that will strengthen your nails.

To mark the launch of the polishes on (they will be available in stories in February), Beckham took some time out of her busy schedule to exclusively talk to about her skincare and makeup routine, and the beauty products she shares with David.

So, tell us about this collaboration.

The colors are very different to what Nails Inc. would normally produce, but I wanted them to work alongside the Victoria collection, and they gave me the freedom to do that.

Photo: Nails Inc

Is the nude for day and the red for night, or is it just depending on her mood?

I think it depends on your mood. The Victoria customer likes to change her nails depending on what shes wearing, where shes going, who shes hanging out with. Thats the great thing about these colors: Theyre easy to apply, theyre easy to take off, and theyre fun! And thats what nail polish should be: It should be fun!

How do you usually wear your nails?

I wear nude pretty much all of the time. I dont have a lot of time to change my nails because Im working and I have four kids. But thats the great thing about what Ive done with Nails Inc.: Im now actually wearing more color. Im wearing both the colors that I created, and its really really fun!

It seems like you're always working! What do you do to maintain diet and exercise?

You know, I eat very healthily. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, and a lot of fruit. I work out every day, six or seven days. I do either Tracy AndersonSoulCycle, or Barrys Bootcamp.

What about your skincare routine?

I swear by Dr. Lancer products. Hes a dermatologist that I met in Los Angeles. I started going to him for oxygen facials, and I havent looked back. I dont really use products other than his. I keep it quite simple with a really good polish, then an exfoliating cleanse, then I use a nourish cream, which is a really beautiful moisturizer. I just do that twice a day, and I think its very important to drink lots of water and get as much sleep as you can. But when you have four children, thats easier said than done.

So what time do you usually go to bed?

I go to bed later than I would like because I have a teenager. When he comes home from school and is done with all his homework, I like to hang out with him. So by the time Ive finished doing everything I want to do in the house, sending e-mails and things like that, I never really get to bed before midnight. Im normally up at six oclock in the morning, because we have a three-and-a-half year old who likes to get up early and because I have so much to do during the day. I get up, work out, get the kids ready for school, take them to school, and then I go to work. So we fit a lot in a day.

Do you share any beauty products with David?

You know, he uses all my Lancer products. So we share all of our beauty products.

What makeup do you swear by?

I mainly use Stila products. I also love Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat and #23 Makeup Forever Lip pencil. Its quite a natural color. Thatd probably be the thing I couldnt live without. The other thing that I like as is from Anastasia, whos a very good friend of mine. Shes fantastic, she does my eyebrows, and she has products out too. I use her eyebrow pencil. Shes the best when it comes to eyebrows.

You have such iconic hair. Do you think you would ever go short again?

I dont know! I loved my hair short, but the great thing about having long hair is you can do so much more with it. Its a lot easier. Thats what I like about long hair. But I dont know, maybe one day, but for the moment Im enjoying the fact that its actually a lot easier to have the long hair. Its just effortless. Short hair always takes a lot longer to get looking right.

What do you love to do if you ever get some time off?

I do quite like to have a day where Im just hanging out in the house, in comfy clothes, catching up on books that Ive wanted to read. Thats a real treat for me. Just going about with no makeup on. I actually just found a really good face mask by a company called This Works. So I like to do a face mask every now and then, when I have the time. And actually theres another great product of theirs: In Transit Camera Close-Up. Its a mask, a moisturizer, and a primer all in one.

You have a very distinct look in pictures. Do you choose to not smile or is that just something that happens naturally when the cameras are on?

I think thats not actually really how I look or how I really am. Thats just how I react when Im in that situation. And thats okay. Thats just me.

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