Project Runway Recap: Seth Aaron is Our Blogger for the Season!

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

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We are beyond thrilled to have former winner of Project Runway, Seth Aaron Henderson writing recaps of every episode for us each Friday. We can't wait to hear all his insider insights on the designers, the challenges and even the judges! And sure to check out his groovy iPad covers at and his collections at

Last night I hosted a Project Runway premiere party at The Bing Lounge put on by the new 95.5 radio station here in lovely Portland with about 200 attendees, including family and friends. Runway was roaming in the air, like the smell of fine fabric. It seemed like 9 pm was never going to come. My anxiety was building and I was borderline postal. But I kept my cool and held it together until 9 pm when it it was time to start the show.

The new contestants were given their first challenge of the season and what a Hot Pocket challenge it was—very hot, steamy and yummy. They were to use just the pajamas they were sleeping in and a flat bed sheet. I have been there and slept on those sheets and let's just say quality is not the word that comes to mind. All this being said, let's get down to the fillings of that yummy hot pocket: the runway show. Break down time.


I was really impressed with this outfit. It was crisp, clean and overall appealing. You can really see his menswear tailoring skills brought to womenswear in all the right ways.


With pants that look like a used painters drop cloth and fit like a garbage sack, this outfit needs help. It was not the worst but most definitely not the best.


This outfit was alright. I liked it but it didn't fully catch my attention. The back of the shorts were not appetizing and they could have been fitted better.


I loved this dress. It was well-fitted and clean. This dress would catch my eye any day.


I thought her dress was cute, well fitted and a little bit unique.


I thought this outfit wasn't bad. It was adorable, but not beautiful.


Honestly, I thought this outfit sucked. Look at those pants! Is that supposed to be attractive? Big floppy crotch line. No. I don't think so.


I could see this outfit in my nightmares. I only have one question: What is with the zipper?


This was okay—kinda boring so there's not much to say.


NO. NO. NO. NO. Me no likey. Poor fitted and not attractive.


I thought the skirt was very short, but well done and quite cute.


D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G. Too hoochie mama tight and it just looks unfinished. What is with the neck thing? I feel bad for Rafael.


Awesome. This dress was very nice and cute.


Well done. I love Bert...YAY! The judges were spot on. For me it was between Bert, Victor and Joshua.


So to be fair, the idea behind this look is good. The execution is dreadful. What could have been sleek turned out being sloppy Little Red Riding Hood. I know Josh can do sleek. Missed opportunity.


In one of my most favorite Michael Kors phrases: Wacky Doodle. That's it.

I have very high hopes for this season of Runway. See next week! And on a final note: Everybody looked fantastical in their scrubs.

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