'Project Runway All Stars' Is Back, and It's Ride or Die Time

"As long as we've got no nipples hanging out, then we're all good."

Here's the setup for this week's episode: Alyssa Milano gathers the designers by a rooftop pool, where she tells them their challenge is to design "elegant resort wear suitable for a glamorous getaway" and a corresponding swimsuit to go underneath. Some contestants' faces fall—we later find out it's because they've never done swimwear before—but they cheer up soon enough when a quartet of male models strips down and dives right in.

Later at the judging, Isaac complains about "moose knuckle" (what is "moose knuckle"?!) while Alyssa has a flashback to the '80s in a bad way. Whose look is in hot water? Find out tonight at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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