15 Things That Are White and Gold to Help You Deal with #TheDress

Don't worry, this is definitely white and gold.

Woman's face and hands covered in gold body paint
(Image credit: Getty Images)

In today's edition of Confusing Viral Things, the internet has exploded over this dress:

White and gold mini dress with small white jacket

(Image credit: Swiked via Tumblr)

It's because no one can agree on what they're seeing. Some people see an obviously white and gold dress, while others swear it's blue and black. The verdict? It's apparently officially blue and black. Whatever.

If you were rooting for the other team (fist bump) here are some things that are actually white and gold to help you get over this travesty. You can even buy them, put them all around your house, and feel better every time you see them. TEAM WHITE AND GOLD 4 LYFE.

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