Great News of the Day: Courtney Love and Nasty Gal Are Collaborating on a '90s-Tastic Collection


Courtney Love, Nasty Gal
(Image credit: Getty)

Saint Laurent has pretty much become the Courtney Love Channel since Hedi Slimane dropped the "Yves," but the '90s punk rocker's particular brand of teen spirit is now coming to high-street retailer near you.

In a pair of Instagram uploads posted Sunday and Tuesday, Nasty Gal teased its upcoming collection in partnership with the Hole frontwoman, which *might* include slip dresses, plaid flannel, and a rhinestone diadem, but will definitely include an accompanying contest in which one lucky winner will attend the launch party and receive a shopping spree.

The response to the brand's announcement hasn't been entirely positive ("Watch Soaked in Bleach!!" was thrown around a lot), but hey—more chances for the rest of us. 

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