5 Gadgets To Impress Any Guy

The Sony Rolly

Full disclosure: It's a really expensive MP3 player with very little storage. Sound lame? It's actually THE coolest gadget I've ever seen! Once prompted by tunes, this device flaps open its wings and literally starts to dance. It rolls around, spins, shakes, and grooves while little light rings on each side smoothly change color. If you're feeling motivated, you can personally choreograph a dance to your guy's favorite tune online. You have to see it to believe the $400 price tag.


I know it sounds cliché, but I'm telling you, a HUGE TV gets them every time. I like Sony's the best, but I know they can be costly. Looking on eBay for a refurbished TV is a great way to score one at a nice price. On some models, you can save up to 60 percent by buying a pre-owned model! I've got two tips for you when buying this way: Always use PayPal, you're covered if the TV is not what you expected; and check the warranty info to ensure you have some padding if you want to send it back.

Wireless Theater Audio System from Altec Lansing

If you're looking for a boomin' home theater system that's easy to set up (no wires running all over the place, no big manual), this is a solid option with a nice price point. The set-up is incredibly easy. All you have to do is plug the main unit into the back of your television, MP3 player, or sound system, then place the additional speaker in a convenient location. Turn it all on and poof - you have surround sound!

The New iPhone

Most of all he'll be jealous that you have one at all. The lines are still forming at stores so scoring one is just, well, hot! For a quick and cool little show-off session, download the iBeer application and ask him to join you in a cool glass. He'll be drooling as you take a sip of your virtual beer that really looks like your taking a drink of a frosty cold one.

Sound Blade

You're going to look really cool if you have one of these in your house. It's a device that uses Bluetooth to wirelessly play music stored on your cell phone. You can also use the speaker and built-in microphone to make calls at the office or at home. The sound quality on this baby is amazing and allows you to show off your tech skills like no other gadget can.

Cat Schwartz, eBay Gadget Director


Schwartz is one of the leading tech experts in the country, widely

known for her electric commentary on the hottest gadgets and how to use

them. Cat gained a dedicated following after developing new high tech

ways to distribute TV content over the Web, followed by her show on

TechTV, "The Screen Savers." As eBay Gadget Director, Cat educates

consumers on the wide array of consumer electronics available on the

site. She regularly appears on the TODAY Show, offering a fresh,

easy-to-understand approach to consumer electronics. She has also

appeared on "Howard Stern," "Live with Regis and Kelly," and the CBS

Evening News. For more information, visit www.ebayinsiderblog.com

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