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Walk on the Wild Side with COLORON's Animal Instincts Eyeshadow

Let your eyes do the talking and top off your Halloween costume with

COLORON Professional Instant Eyeshadow Applicators. Whether you're

dressing up as a frisky feline, making a statement in camo, or showing

off your zebra stripes, COLORON Instant Eyeshadow is an easy, quick way

to add a professional, bold touch to your costume.

Don't walk

the line between sexy cat eyes and smudged raccoon eyes--walk on the

wild side with COLORON's Animal Instincts variety pack, a collection of

eye-catching designs in Zebra, Camouflage, and Leopard Lounge.


you're in front of your mirror at home or in the back of the cab running late to your third Halloween party that night, these

COLORON Instant Eyeshadow Applicators will give you mess-free,

professional results in three easy steps. Just place the

one-size-fits-all applicator on your closed eyelid with one hand,

holding it in place by making a peace sign with your index and middle

finger on each corner of the eye, and use your index finger from your

free hand to gently rub the back of the applicator from the inside

corner out. Then peel back the applicator for perfectly applied zebra

stripes, leopard spots, or camo pattern.

The eyeshadow is

waterproof, smudge-proof, and crease-proof and will play well with your

other makeup. Add dramatic liquid liner and mascara and leave your

decade-old 25-color eyeshadow palette at home---this long wearing

formula won't call it a night until you do.

To purchase, go to coloron.com or sephora.com.

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