In Fond Remembrance of Beyoncé's Christmas Tree Coat, the Greatest Holiday Look of All Time

A Yuletide appreciation post.

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(Image credit: Getty, design by Betsy Farrell)

There has to be some law that states "Nobody can one-up Beyoncé except Beyoncé," which holds true when you apply it to 2015 Holiday Beyoncé thoroughly trouncing 2016 Holiday Beyoncé. (Does she know necromancy? Would not be surprised.) Yeah, this year's model sang "All Night," (opens in new tab) but did she wear the most festive, most labor-intensive Christmas outfit of all time (opens in new tab)? I think not. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

It is Stella McCartney and stripy. Moving on.

::breathing shallowly like Gollum but creepier:: So much going on here, so many questions.

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Chelsea Peng
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