Live from Sundance, Sunday 1/17

11:20 Mountain movie madness has begun. On a leisurely walk to pick up the all-mighty press pass, I receive an email saying that I've scored a last, last minute ticket to the Anna-Wintour-is-a-fashion-deity documentary, The September Issue. With the added bonus of the bobbed-and-banged bobblehead attending the premiere screening, the clock is ticking to get to the most in vogue (sorry) ticket in town. With only 30 minutes to go after picking grabbing my pass, the creeping free festival shuttles are out of the equation, so its time to hail a cab and hall ass. Ticket in hand, I find myself in a line longer than airport security checkpoint only to realize that they've oversold the new theater-by a lot. People that have shelled out gobs of cash for a festival express pass, clutch their pricey tickets and freak out on the staff. People from other publications pull the classic do-you-know-who-I-am? and not-so casually a mention that they are festival sponsors. Apologies from the theater manager don't go far with this jaded bunch. Anna apparently doesn't bring out the best in folk. With little left to do, the doors shut and the movie started, the rest rejected masses turn around and head back to headquarters.

1:20 mmm. Bento box.

2:37 Standing in yet another long-ass line for the world premiere of The Greatest at Eccles Theater inside the state of the art Park City High School. Memo to star Pierce Brosnan, aka Remington Steele: our time has finally come.

3:16 Susan Sarandon in tha house.

5:05 Pierce! I can die knowing that we once shared a room. Movie starts, Q&A follows with young female writer/director. Most revealing quote: Says her dad lost a son before she was born so she knows what it's like to grow up with a grieving parent. Ouch.

8:48 After a brief trip to Main Street, back at Eccles for a screening of Spread, a car pulls up just in front of me and Demi and Ashton file out. Demi looks great from what I can see. Kids oddly have her faux Naval headshot from A Few Good Men for her to sign.

9:35 Wow, there's a lot of sex in Ashton's new flick. Not sure I can take the kid in serious actor mode, but respect the fact that he's in on the joke about a young guy who latches on to older, wealthy women to live off of.

10:54 Hmm. Ashton's actually interesting and entertaining during the q&a despite the beanie he's wearing with his suit. Ahh, until he starts talking about his "art." Fields obligatory Demi question.

11:30 Lost phone.

12:20 Found phone. All and all, not a bad first day.

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