And Our Most Hated Intern Is...

[image id='c1e2d564-6c02-4949-b36a-feb6fd223c14' mediaId='8a936f9c-de27-49fa-b5a1-32c8593d36b8' loc='C'][/image]

Earlier this week, we asked you to vote on which Marie Claire intern you were rooting for, after watching Samantha, Talita, and Ashley claw their way to the top in the first episode of Running in Heels.

Would it be Samantha, the small-town girl prone to tears who brought the show's name to life when she ran an errand in heels? Or Talita, the intern who left LA and flew across the country to NYC with nothing but big dreams and a tiny dog? Or Ashley, the competitive chick who showed up late to her first assignment? The results are in...

[image id='a8edb4a0-11d0-408d-9173-5133ec2a10ae' mediaId='c5bbf122-ac4a-420c-8cf8-69a9d4696bcc' loc='C'][/image]

Be sure to tune in for episode two on the Style network this Sunday at 8/7c, and dine in with these recipes from stylish new Chicago restaurant Sunda.

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