Flower Girls at Susan Cianciolo's Runway Presentation

While woodstock-esque women put in a pretty appearance at Susan Cianciolo, a myriad of distractions&mdashfrom the overwhelming and repetitive string instrument sounds to a wailing newborn—made it difficult to concentrate on the actual clothes.

Cianciolo's models stood on pedestals at one end of the lofty room—but only the few guests at the front were able to see, leaving the rest of us on tip toes trying to catch a glimpse. Without any apparent order or plan, the models would step off of their pedestals and stride slowly towards the center of the room. Several girls wore stems of daisies in their hair and the natural make-up and hair finished Cianciola's trademark boho look. The pale blue, yellow and neutral colored eco friendly fabrics were joined by haphazardly placed patchwork and unfinished hems, similar to the look Cianciola showcased in her Fall 09 Collection "Trees at Night.

Two standouts:

1. A pair of high-waisted, pale blue, skinny cords with a threadbare cropped white T-shirt.

2. The Amazon Acai berry "beauty boosts" served in mini bottles at the end of the show. After standing on my toes for almost 45 minutes, it was exactly what I needed.

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