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Shirt Up!

Printed button-downs are just what we needed to brighten up this dreary day.

Courtesy of J. Crew

It's depressing, gray winter day in New York City and while we've got a ways to go before spring, it's all I can think about. As i look at my gray and black outfit, I wonder where has all the color gone?

Apparently, it's over on the J. Crew website where I was perusing and happily found a brand new collection of their fabulous button-down cut, the "Perfect Shirt". And they just launched today. I'm obsessing over the greens and pinks and purples. And oh the prints! Of course there's a reason I find myself instantly attracted — many of them were designed by Liberty! And the material is European too...hand loomed Italian from Thomas Mason.

The question now is how many can I get away with buying? I'm think I must get this and this for sure.

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