Meet the World's Best-Dressed Woman: Kerry Washington!

We look forward to People's annual round-up of the year's top 10 style stars every September. After all, we do spend so much of our time in the MC offices tracking these famous glamazon's every move. This year's winner is a personal favorite of ours for her impeccable style, of course, but also for the strength, confidence, and grace she exudes both on- and off-camera — Kerry Washington!

Washington nabbed the mag's top spot after hitting mega-stardom thanks to the skyrocketing success of Scandal, the incredible political thriller on ABC in which she plays the main character, Olivia Pope. Not to mention, the primetime darling captured the adoring approval of fans everywhere thanks to her 2012 haute couture red carpet circuit for Django Unchained.

"I like to find balance in an outfit where it doesn't feel too much of any one thing," the fashionista told People. "It's not dressing like a nun and it's also not dressing like I'm in a swimsuit competition. It's finding the middle ground."

Who else made People's top 10? Oh, you know, all the usual suspects: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Solange Knowles, Lily Collins, and more.

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