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Mission Impossible: 8 Transforming Bags You Won't Get Tired Of

Get you a purse that can do it all.

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Courtesy, design by Monica Park

Life cycle of a purchase: First comes "endless" love, then comes disillusionment, then comes burying it in its dust bag, never to be seen again until 2020, when you're like, "Wait—this is kind of great." Stop. While we can't pretend to understand the vagaries of the human heart, we do know that more options = less boredom. So here, shop eight convertible bags that can hold your interest—at least until the next best thing comes along.

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This clever young brand is like that kid who always went "I'm gonna faiilll" before acing every test. You can swap straps and attachable pouch faces for SO many different looks.

324, $350; 324newyork.com.


Ideal festival bag found? This bucket-to-backpack number leads the pack, especially with its floral lining (the better to not lose your keys) and myriad of compartments.

Hobo, $188; hobobags.com.


As this video shows, unsnap the flap, insert another, and you've got a whole lot of "Love your bag" coming your way.  

Kate Spade, $328; katespade.com.


Made for busy women who have to plan for three after-work events, plus minimum one unexpected invitation that's too good to pass up, this goes from a top-handle carryall to over-the-shoulder to backpack. 

Kimchi Blue, $89; urbanoutfitters.com.


Make like Charli XCX and pull up, pull up (to turn a rucksack into a bucket bag). 

Madewell, $68; madewell.com.


Carry it on your shoulder when your computer's in there; tuck the long straps and use the short handles for a "yes, that's a baguette in there" vibe. 

Marsell, $1,230; totokaelo.com.


Tuck in the sides, let it hang from the crook of your arm—and that's only the beginning of the five (known) ways to wear this guy

Meli Melo, $555; us.melimelo.com.


A system of hinges and clasps mean you can remove the handles for a cross-body or top-handle shopper. 

Mulberry, $950; mulberry.com.

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