Behold, the Most Magnificently Insane Hats from 2017's Royal Ascot

The higher the hat, the closer to Kate Middleton.

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The 2017 Royal Ascot is currently happening over in England, and while it's *technically* a horse race, we can all agree that this event is just an excuse for people to wear massive hats that challenge the very notion of gravity. And this year's gaggle of head gear is truly extraordinary due to their width, girth, and general ability to stop traffic. Click through for the best.

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This Hat Which Is Clearly Cosplaying as a Flower

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This Hat Taking 2017's Fern Trend to the Next Level

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Whatever This Is

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This Hat, Which May in Fact Be a Bird

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This Hat, Which Is Clearly Staging an Evil Takeover of This Dress

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This Hat, Which Is Actually Relatively Normal

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This *Literal* Work of Art

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These Hats, Who Know They're Better Than Your Faves

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This Hat, Which Is Not Here to Play Games

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This Hat, Which Got Confused and Thought It Was a Tutu

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These Hats, Which Seem Quite Normal in the Grand Scheme of Things

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Sorry, No Words, Next

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This Hat, Which Looks Like It Was Ripped from the Head of Effie Trinket

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This Sartorial Sculpture

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And Finally This Hat, Which Doubles as a Mirror

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