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Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Know when you see a stranger wearing something that's so awesome you have to stop her and say, "Hey, where'd you get that?" After we realized it was happening all the time in our very own office, we decided to start stalking staffers and beg them to share. Enjoy!

Name: Courtney Gibson

M.O.: Advertising services associate director

Why she chose this outfit: "I wanted to wear something relaxing and quick. I like to take fashion risks and try to wear something original every day. I really don't care what anyone else thinks of what I'm wearing — I dress for myself."

Her look: Boho lovely

Standout item: Patterned silk tunic

Where to get it: "It's DVF. I got it online at Nordstrom; I'd been keeping track of it all summer waiting for it to go on sale — I paid $164. I love the color, and it reminded my of my mother — it's something she would wear."

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