Hey, Where'd You Get That?

Name: Metanoya Webb

M.O.: Contributing editor

Why she chose this outfit:

"I was too lazy to get glamafied and prance around the city in 5-inch platforms today. Plus it's rather chilly out and I wanted to be warm and comfy. Unless I'm hanging out after work, I put minimal effort into my appearance on Fridays."

Her look: Distinctively chic trend-basher

Standout item: Vintage fur stole

Where to get it: "Vintage mustard silk ruffle blouse (vintage shop on Melrose in L.A, maybe $40); Citizens of Humanity dark denim leggings (Probably Bloomies, about $100, I purchase most of my jeans in department stores); Exposed-zip Michael Kors riding boots (caught these on sale at Saks in Atlanta, little over $200); Cropped black floral brocade jacket was a gift from my mom — she snagged it in Barcelona last summer while on a Mediterranean cruise (I think she paid about 150/200 Euros); Black vintage fur stole ($15 bucks, the location is top-secret, I get all my vintage fur stoles there."

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