Fresh Faces

Meet Our 2018 Fresh Faces

The characters they play—wide-eyed college freshman, crusading journalist, fantasy world survivor, insecure millennial, tortured high schooler—are vastly different. But these outrageously talented women all deliver a much-needed refreshing jolt to Hollywood.

Olivia Culpo Shows How She Gets Her Skin Glow

I'll have what she's having, please.

How Kim Kardashian's MUA Cleans His Makeup Brushes

It's so easy, I'm kind of annoyed I haven't tried it.

Kim K's New Concealer Is Being Compared to Cheetos

"TF we supposed to do with that orange-ass setting powder?"

Celebrating the five fresh faces on our May 2016 covers.
Meet Our 2017 Fresh Faces Cover Stars

Five huge talents who aren't afraid to speak their minds, embrace their feminism, and be vocal advocates for change.

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How to Wear Last Night's Party Outfit to the Office Today

Like a boss, that's how.

7 Mid-Party Emergencies and How to Fix Them

*Spills wine on sleeve, does not panic*

See the Candid Photobooth Pics from Marie Claire's Fresh Faces Party

Bring together Hollywood's brightest young stars and you're guaranteed to have an Instagram-worthy night.

Exclusive: Get Ready with Nicola Peltz for Our Fresh Faces Party

Consider this your cure for Fresh Faces-induced FOMO.

All the Best Looks from Marie Claire's Fresh Faces Party

Hollywood's top up-and-coming stars stepped out to celebrate the May issue. 

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The Next Big Thing: Nicola Peltz's exclusive Fresh Face cover star, Nicola Peltz, is breaking all the Hollywood rules. 

59 Times Kim and Kylie Were Basically the Same Person

We hate to say literally, but LITERALLY.

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