Melania Trump Just Revealed Her Platform as First Lady, Telling Kids to "Be Best"

May 7 has been deemed "Be Best" Day.

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President Donald Trump is playing the supportive spouse as Melania Trump unveils her initiatives as first lady. The initiative, dubbed "Be Best," aims to support children, with a focus on well-being, cyber-bullying, and opioid addiction.

At the conclusion of Mrs. Trump's remarks, the president kissed her on the cheeks and thanked her before signing a proclamation declaring May 7 "Be Best" day.


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The first lady says she's concerned that today's children are less prepared to manage their emotions and too often turn to destructive or addictive behaviors, such as bullying or drug addiction. She says adults should "be best" at educating children about the importance of a healthy and balanced life.

Melania has spent more than a year reading to children, learning about babies born addicted to drugs, and hosting major online and social media companies to talk about cyberbullying.

The announcement from Mrs. Trump comes as her husband battles accusations about his past encounters with women. Porn actress Stormy Daniels is seeking to be released from a nondisclosure agreement barring her from speaking about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.