Elizabeth Warren's Twitter Take Down of Trump Will Make You Cheer

Yes, Elizabeth! YES!

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So far, Hillary Clinton's camp has left something to be desired when it comes to taking on Donald Drumpf. As Gawker's Alex Pareene put it in excruciating and accurate detail, "Dangerous Donald" remains among the least effective—and lamest—attacks on the Orange One of this cycle. However, there is one Democrat who can land punches on the presumptive Republican nominee—Elizabeth Warren.

She dropped a formidable tirade against him earlier this week:

Drumpf took it all in stride and, in an effort to be more presidential, declined to respond. 

Ha! Kidding.

Warren fired back—big time:

Of course, the apricot demagogue couldn't let that slide:

For those keeping score, every Drumpf response mentioned Warren's much remarked upon Native American heritage—and none, of course, engaged with what she was actually saying.

[H/T: Gawker

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