Trump Called a Woman Reporter "So Obnoxious" for Literally Doing Her Job

Cue eye roll.

Donald Trump MAGA
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On Friday, President Donald Trump gave an informal press conference to a boisterous crowd and one of his flippant remarks about a woman reporter, Weijia Jiang, was caught on camera. As reporters shouted questions at him, Trump yelled, "Quiet!" before pointing to someone offscreen and saying, "She's so...she's so obnoxious." The incident was captured by Tom Namako of BuzzFeed and confirmed by Jiang on Twitter.

Trump's off-handed comment isn't exactly surprising, given his history of casual misogyny (who could forget the "grab 'em by the pussy" debacle?) and his reported sexual harassment of women (which he denies). At the same press conference, Trump also completely ignored another reporter when asked how he can verify whether North Korea got rid of its nuclear weapons.

Trump most recently met with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and tweeted this message:

Stay tuned for the next idiotic remark that comes out of the president's mouth.

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