Give Us Strength: Donald Trump Is Only 6 Points Behind Hillary Clinton in a New Poll

Oh my.

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Most people would have rethought their life strategies after being rejected by Princess Diana, but then, most people are not Donald Trump. Now, the Donald's relentlessness—in both rose-sending and politics—seems to be paying off.

According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Center poll, Trump and his comb-over are trailing Hillary Clinton by just six points, making him competitive in the general election. Unsurprisingly, he has closed the 10-point gap from July by appealing to Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, men, and white voters.

Chillary, on the other hand, is suffering from her most negative favorability rating since March 2001 despite carrying beer koozies in her campaign store and engaging Jeb Bush's camp in a Twitter fight. She does, however, trounce Trump when it comes to the women's vote, coming up 60 percent to his 37 percent.

No one's quaking in her boots just yet, but this is the face at least some of us are making right now. 

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