Watch Ireland's Prime Minister Throw Shade at Trump...While Standing Directly Next to Him

Hey Trump, did you know St. Patrick was an immigrant?

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In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, Donald Trump got together with Irish prime minister Enda Kenny to deliver a speech about Ireland's rich history in America. Annnnnd things got real awkward, real fast.

Kenny wasted no time in throwing un-subtle shade at Trump, who awkwardly stood by as the Irish prime minister explained that St. Patrick was, in fact, an immigrant. (Note: in case you aren't aware, Trump doesn't exactly have a "come one, come all!" policy towards new people entering the country.)

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"It's fitting that we gather here each year to celebrate St. Patrick and his legacy," Kenny said. "He too, of course, was an immigrant. And though he is of course the patron saint of Ireland, for many people around the globe, he's also a symbol of, indeed the patron of, immigrants."

Watch the video above for 1) this kick-ass speech, and 2) Trump's facial expression.

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