PSA: That Viral Video of a Little Girl Telling Trump He's a Disgrace Is Fake

*awkwardly deletes tweet*

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If you were scrolling through Twitter over the weekend, you probably came across the following viral footage of a little girl putting Trump in his place and calling him a disgrace. It was a pretty big hit, and basically screamed "RT ME, I'M AMAZING!"

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The thing is, this footage is fake. Or more specifically, as Gizmodo discovered, it was lifted from Comedy Central's relatively new series The President Show, which stars a Trump impersonator.

Here's the original clip from the show:

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The girl in the clip, however, appears to be a real person with a genuine reaction. Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik reached out to Gizmodo writer Matt Novak to clarify:

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Lessons learned:

1. Be careful to source your RTs.

2. This little girl is still awesome.

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