Donald Trump Confused Two Female Reporters, Because Apparently Women Are Interchangeable to Him

"No they are not the same lady."—President of Finland

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While giving a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Monday, Trump accidentally thought two female reporters were the same person. Because women are totally interchangeable, right?! (Nope, wrong.)

"Again?" Trump said when Niinistö called upon a female Finnish journalist to ask a question. "You're gonna give her—the same one?"

The thing is, the woman called upon was *not* the same person as the woman who had been called upon before. This left Niinistö in an awkward position.

"No, she is not the same lady," he said. "They are sitting side by side." Which left the reporter in the even more awkward position of saying: "We have a lot of blond women in Finland."

Please watch below for a) an audible gasp from the audience, and b) the most cringe-y few moments of your morning:

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No words, only 😕.

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