3 Halloween Dating Observations

In "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", that chick Sally is so into Linus, and he completely drops the ball when his "Great Pumpkin Promise" falls through. I know the feeling Linus. I know the feeling.

Actually, on Halloween, I have halfway decent luck. With the wild card of people dressing up, the festive mood, and even costume mistakes from years past, I made the following observations after a Halloween party I recently attended:

Creativity Is Hotter Than Sluttiness

Halloween is the day every girl gets to use her Slut License. It starts out innocently: "I'm going to be President Obama for Halloween." But then: "...well, slutty President Obama." Upon entering the party, my buddies and I looked at each other and said: "Um, wow." At times, we just stared into the crowd enjoying the many amazing costumes: slutty naval officer, slutty nurse, slutty turtle, slutty school girl.

Guys love slutty costumes, but we also love beer. So, we were impressed and intrigued by the six girls who came in dressed as a six pack of Bud Light. Pretty girls dressed as beer...there's a novel idea! In fact the six pack of Bud Light won best costume at the party. Ultimately, creativity trumped sluttiness. But, sluttiness is OK too.

It's Easy To Hit On Girls When No One Is Trying Too Hard To Be Cool

Why did I find it so easy to approach the ladies at the Halloween party? Maybe because I was dressed like a fool in my 1920's golfer outfit. Somehow, openly looking like an ass actually helps: it can't get any worse than me looking like a total idiot. The bar is set low before I act like an idiot too.Women dress ridiculously too, so no one is making a fashion statement ortrying to be too cool: we are letting it all hang out.

Halloween is a great time to hit on the ladies because everyone is "owning" their ridiculous looks instead of trying to own a look or style they don't really embrace. Dressing ridiculously is more honest than dressing to conform which some people do every weekend.

On one hand dressing up is a protective measure: we are behind masks, and doing a little role playing. On the other hand, going out of your comfort zone and dressing in a crazy costume in public is very honest.

Some of My Costumes are Better Than Others

This year, I actually toned my costume down. My costume resume is pretty sad: there was the year I dressed as a lobster/crab thing with a giant shell on my back, antennae on my head, and "claws" covering my arms. I was later spotted at that party in the corner by myself, all sad, with the antennae drooping, because the party was one of those "10/29 Halloween Parties" where not everyone dressed up. In fact, only three of us dressed up and I was truly a fish out of water.

Then there was the year I was the Kool Aid guy and, while I didn't intend to break into the party like he does in the commercials, I actually did. With the extra girth from the costume, I entered the crowded party bashing into people, knocking drinks out of their hands. But this year, in my 1920's golfer outfit, I was told that I looked "cute" in my argyle socks, bow tie, and sweater vest.

There are also those lucky times you show up and someone is the "female match" of you. For instance, if there was a girl golfer at the party, I'd have an in. Or maybe the prince runs into a princess, and so on.

My costume choice this year reminded me of how I should refine my appraoch. Taking a step back and easing into meeting women works better than bashing into a room like the Kool Aid guy, or standing out awkwardly like when I was the lobster/crab thing as I tend to do. Compared to my bad costume choices, my golfer outfit was funny, but more subtle and it didn't scare the women off.

Have you had great luck on Halloween? Why do women dress slutty on Halloween? Do you agree with my theories about costumes? What are "cute" costumes on guys?

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