Should You Avoid PDA at Family Gatherings?

Aldo Murillo/Vetta

Sigh: Family and the holidays — apparently they can get you down not just in the dead of winter but on the spring day when you're supposed to be celebrating re-birth.

Because my family is Catholic, I celebrated Easter with them on Sunday — and my father chewed me out for being too touchy-feely with Sweet Pants. My father has done this kind of thing a few times before, in the past. But I guess I just wasn't on my guard enough yesterday — I've been working around the clock for the last week or two on a huge deadline, and I'm exhausted — so there was one small kiss, one hand squeeze, one back rub too many that passed between Sweet Pants and me. My father called me this morning, surprising me to no end when he gave me a hard time about my inappropriate behavior. I'm now trying to remind myself that he's my father, and he'll always think of me as his little girl — but his reaction also just feels excessively repressive. And it's a bummer. A person doesn't want to have to feel like she's watching every move she makes in front of her family.

Readers, do your parents get upset about your PDIA (public displays of innocent affection, mind you)? If so, how do you handle them?

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