There's a Website That'll Be the Real Girl to Your Lars

Or the Samantha to your Joaquin Phoenix.
lars and the real girl
Courtesy of Photobucket
Courtesy of Photobucket

You don't have to have an M.D. after your surname to know no good can come of this; you just have to have read Frankenstein in your freshman Intro to Fiction course or caught Pixel Perfect on the Disney Channel once or 27 times.

Someone somewhere with a mom eager to preserve her bloodline, however, might find some use for, a website that provides "believable virtual and real-world proof" you're not the Miss Havisham your parents think you are. Packages include services such as "Random Gifts and Notes" and correspond to levels of seriousness from "Just Talking" to, uh, "Almost Engaged." (If you're considering springing for the latter, GTFO while you still can.)

Our take: The Sweetgreen of artificial amour might function as a get-out-of-an-awkward-conversation-free card, but you know what's even easier? Being cool with being single.

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