Tweeting Your Love Life

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Annie Carter's third date with a guy she'd met at the gym went great: dinner, a movie, then back to his place. But Googling him at work the next day, the 28-year-old fashion assistant stumbled onto his public Twitter page—and was shocked to discover that he'd been describing every stage of their night. The first tweet was innocent enough: "At a fancy Italian restaurant on a date. Hope it goes well." Thirty minutes later: "Ordered the beef-cheek ravioli. Building a blockade out of the salt and pepper shakers so she doesn't try to steal some." Um, he was? Then the finale, time-stamped just before midnight: "Just had amazing sex!" Shocked, Carter declined a fourth date.

A recent Harvard study revealed that Twitter is the first social-networking platform dominated by men: Men tweet more and have 15 percent more followers. (Ashton Kutcher has 4.6 million followers; John Mayer? More than 3 million.) With 54 million Twitter users now sharing 50 million tweets a day, no BlackBerry-glued date can be presumed innocent. We suggest Googling him before you meet for dinner.

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