Make Your Girlfriend the Happiest Woman Alive by Taking Her to a Beyoncé-Themed Valentine's Day Dinner

According to TIME, Brucie, an Italian restaurant is offering patrons a Beyoncé themed Valentine's Dinner.

We usually think themed Valentine's Day menus are a bit too corny, but a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY has developed with the most brilliant Valentine's Day dinner of all time. According to TIME (opens in new tab), Italian eatery Brucie will offer patrons a Beyoncé-themed Valentine's Dinner. Yes, that's right, every single item on the menu includes a very clever nod to the queen B herself. There's a blue potatoes Blue Ivy appetizer, a Jay-Ziti pasta, and a Drunk in Love Negroni short rib. We're guessing Brooklyn's power couple will have some fancier plans in mind for the heart-shaped holiday, but the only thing that could possibly make this meal any better would be if the restaurant somehow got the duo to actually dine there — it is in the neighborhood, after all! Check out the full menu below:


(Image credit: Brucie)

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