Famous Sex Addicts

Tiger Woods is not alone. Take a look at the sex-crazed stars who have battled this addiction at one time...or several times.


John F. Kennedy

Kennedy was an extramarital sexual overachiever in an era when there was no such thing as sex addiction — back then, they were just called cheaters.

Amber Smith

After copping to drug addiction, alcoholism, and prostitution, Amber cleaned up on live TV in Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab. Once sober, she revealed that on top of the drugs and dysfunction, she was also a sex addict — luckily, Dr. Drew was launching Celebrity Sex Rehab.
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Russell Brand

It was no big shocker when Russell Brand admitted he's an ex-sex addict. Seriously, what hasn't he been addicted to?
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Tiger Woods

This is by no means scientific, but it appears that influences such as fame, power, and tons and tons of money seem to enable sex addiction to develop and grow in men. Exhibit A: Tiger Woods.
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Kendra Jade Rossi

Another Dr. Drew alum. Kendra not only had a severe addiction to sex, but to heavy eye makeup as well.

Eliot Spitzer

The former governor's sex addiction was discovered when he was caught sleeping with a prostitute only a few years older than his daughters.
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David Duchovny

As it turns out, David was not just researching his role in Californication when he was hopping from bed to bed; he was deep in his disease. We're going to assume his involvement with the Red Shoe Diaries was an early cry for help.
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Jennie Ketcham

Jennie became famous as a porn star under the name Penny Flame — before coming out as a sexual bully and addict. Naturally, she sought treatment on national television.
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Jesse James

Even marriage to Sandra Bullock is no match for the pull of a serious sexual addiction. We've seen pictures of "Bombshell" McGee and agree — he was clearly under the influence of a very strong affliction.
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Charlie Sheen

After being outed as one of the names on Heidi Fleiss's brothel client list, he was recognized as having a sex addiction — and a thing for call girls in cheerleading uniforms.
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Kanye West

Not a single eyebrow was raised when Kanye came out with his sex addiction — what's a little sexaholism for a man who can stir up controversy in his sleep?
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Michael Douglas

It seems one way to cure sexual addiction is to marry a beautiful woman 40 years younger than you — but we don't think this is covered by insurance.
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Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob is most known for being an ex-husband of Angelina Jolie and a sexaholic — oh, and he's done some acting too.
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Kari Ann Peniche

As with most addicts, there were telltale signs: the hard partying, the revealing clothing, making a sex tape with a TV actor and the Noxzema Girl.... It's amazing no one picked up on it sooner.
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Tom Sizemore

Tom's said that he is not only a drug and sex addict, but a Catholic too.
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