New Squad Alert: Kanye Allies with Two Former Boy-Banders

I would venture to say he...doesn't mind them.


Ruthless networker Kanye West entered Thursday's Louis Vuitton menswear show alone and emerged with two powerful new connections.

[image id='1ee2a703-dc8c-4667-93eb-ebed87e44d93' mediaId='a8872481-17df-46c5-a066-219b70c1888f' 0='0="caption=""Hi,"' 1='Pleased' 2='to' 3='Meet' 4='You.' 5='I\'m' 6='6="Dad."""' share='true' expand='true' loc='C'][/image]

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From left to right: Kanye West, dad who does dad things like falling asleep during a live performance of Frozen; Zayn Malik, displaced One Directioner reborn as a platinum blond; and Joe Jonas, the aloof one in person but the has-no-chill one on social media.

[twitter align='center'][/twitter]

Solid lineup, guys. But tell me—have you put your party protocol in place yet? Taylor Swift has.

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