Short Cuts

Ever since Mia Farrow showed off her pixie cut in Rosemary's Baby, we've been mesmerized by women who've dared to cut off their long locks. From the pageboy to the buzz cut, here are some of Hollywood's most beautiful women before and after they got to chopping.


Halle Berry

No woman in Hollywood has done more for the short haircut than Halle Berry. Sure, she can also rock the long look, but Halle made short sexy and glamorous.
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Natalie Portman

A former child actress whose breakout role was as an 11 year-old assassin wannabe, Natalie's no stranger to gritty roles — still audiences were shocked when she shaved her head in V for Vendetta. Then they were miffed when she still looked stunning, even during that usually awkward growing out phase.
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Demi Moore

A wild child of the Brat Pack, Demi swapped her frosted, crimped tresses for this short 'do in 1990 when she got busy with Patrick Swayze's apparition in Ghost. Women all over the country rushed into salons to copy the look with varying success (See: Liv Tyler).
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Gwyneth Paltrow

In the late '90s, Gwyneth was one of reigning queens of young Hollywood. She churned out critically-acclaimed films like there was no tomorrow, dated Brad Pitt and sported this adorable short bob. These days she's cinematic royalty and prefers to keep her golden tresses long.
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Carey Mulligan

Already a movie star and trendsetter in the UK, the prim English actress got rid of her flowing mane and drew attention from American lenses with this shaggy, short look.
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Ginnifer Goodwin

Having carved out a name for herself playing simpering, naïve young things on both the big and small screens, the ingénue added a little edge to her look by chopping off her rom-com-ready hair.
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Liv Tyler

The daughter of a model and a rock star, Tyler inherited incredible genes and a fearless attitude, both of which came into play when she bravely wore this unapologetic bowl cut — proving that no hairstyle, no matter how risky, could detract from her incredible features.
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Keri Russell

Ahh, Felicity, we remember the day you chopped your locks and told Ben to hit the road. Then your ratings plummeted. We say, screw the numbers, we loved you for more than just your hair.
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Meg Ryan

Meg rocked a short blond shag for a solid part of the '90s — a look that became synonymous with the quirky-cute roles she often played on screen, and made her hairstylist Sally Hershberger a super star. Lately she's swapped quirky curls for elegant length.
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Keira Knightley

An actress who has vocally challenged Hollywood's beauty ideals, Keira looks great with both short and long tresses. But we think this spiky crop seems to fit her rebellious style best.
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Michelle Williams

The soft-spoken star is famous for flirting with length. She bounces back and forth between the pixie and flowing curls with ease. Mostly recently the flaxen-haired actress has been sporting this incredibly chic close-cropped cut, making those of us who fear the scissors incredibly envious.
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Sienna Miller

The blond bombshell broke into Hollywood with her Barbie Doll beauty and snagged Jude Law (twice!) before taking the scissors to her gorgeous hair.
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Hilary Swank

Hillary's a no-nonsense actress with two best-actress Oscars and a utilitarian sense of style that give her a polished, elegant look no matter what haircut she's sporting.
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Mia Farrow

One of the most famous short cuts in movie history, the young actress debuted her iconic pixie halfway through the horror film Rosemary's Baby. Showing off the new 'do, she tells her on-screen husband that she'd “been to Vidal Sassoon.” The look made both Mia and Vidal Sassoon household names.

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