Hairstyles & Cuts for Women

Finding your perfect hairstyle will bring your look to the next level. Looking to switch up your color? Find everything you need to get the hottest hair color in 2015.

woman with red hair
The Virtual Makeover For Hairstyles & Makeup!
Get a virtual makeover. Try on celebrity hairstyles, change your hair color, and experiment with new makeup trends even get a virtual...
2015 Hair Trends We're Obsessed With
You don't need to be clairvoyant to stay ahead of the hair envy curve. From coloring techniques to the cut-du-jour, let us be your guide!
42 Chic Short Hairstyles & Trends
Give your short hair a whole lotta personality with these styles.
hairstyle handbook
The Best Long Hairstyles Ever
A variety of styles for your long locks.
hair hacks
10 Celebrity Stylist-Approved Hair Hacks
For easy at-home styling.
The Schedule Every Girl With Good Hair Follows
We've mapped out every time you should wash, cut, color, and moisturize. You're welcome!
The New Hair Washing Rules
How to clean your hair like a pro.
Brigitte Bardot's 11 Most Iconic Hairstyles
Teasing brush or bust.
How to Get a Messy, Twisted Side Bun
'Oh, the tangled web we weave.'
jennifer lawrence pixie cut
Chop It: How To Cut Your Hair Short
Before you follow in the footsteps of J.Law and Jennifer Aniston, make sure you read these crucial tips on making the cut.
sarah jessica parker
The Best Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time
Who's the fairest of them all?
sleek ponytail
Hair How-To: Sleek Ponytail
Hair How-To: A Badass Volume Ponytail
Faux-hawk style
curly hair
Curly Hair 101: 30 Styling Tips
Manage those curls with these hair cues.
40 Long Hairstyle Ideas, Starring Blake Lively's Pretty Ponytail
The Sexiest Long Hairstyles Ever
Hair How-To: The Perfect Ballerina Bun
Five minutes is all you need.
Switch Your Hairstyle in 5 Minutes or Less
We're busy ladies, and usually we only have a few minutes to spare between the office and a night out.
4 Hairstyles to Try at the Office This Week
Try the below four styles every morning for the rest of the week, and surprise yourself at the simplicity of the results.
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