The Best Cities for Single Girls

We've crunched the numbers on some critical stats—like ratio of men to women (natch!)—to find five great places to be a single lady right now.


January 21, 2014 10:00 AM


Claim to fame: Tech innovation, lefty politics, and stunning scenery.
Perfect for: Fun-loving, ambitious women—of any sexual orientation—looking to play the field.
Where you'll work: Dot-coms like Dropbox, Twitter, and Square, or old-school brands like Williams-Sonoma and Levi's.
Where you'll hang: The Lower Haight and the Mission, at bars like the Elbo Room or Blondies'. Or take daytime hikes in Muir Woods or Marin. 
Oddball date: Ferry to Angel Island for the day. If things are steamy, head to a campsite post-sunset.
Insider tip: Everyone's on Tinder, Grouper, and OkCupid, so meeting men is a cinch (finding a commitment, less so). 
Guy you’ll meet: "Nerdy, successful" dudes abound, but so do "burning man types," according to Erica, 28. 

By The Numbers

Ratio: 1.15 men per 1 woman
Well-being: 12th out of 189 metro areas
Unemployment: 6.2 percent
Wage gap: -16¢
Violent crime: 7.04 per 1,000 people