The Latest New Hair Product ... First Used by Horses

For a stronger, shinier mane, try this shocking, fresh-from-the stable solution.

woman with blonde hair
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I started out my morning at the new Marie Robinson salon on Fifth Avenue, where celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett molded my mane into a tumbling cascade of sexy, voluptuous waves (think Victoria Secret Angel). But before he started blasting my hair with the super-strong Sedu blowdryer, he applied a mysterious golden elixir to my damp, fuzzy locks. What was this magical potion?

Tail Rx, a product designed to keep real life — as in, in the stable — pony tails strong, silky, and smooth. Tail Rx is a hair regrowth system that Tommy uses on himself and on special clients (those of us with thinning, damaged, or hard-to-grow hair). Turns out, the strengthening serum was created by Tommy's friend and fellow hairstylist (and horse lover) Mary Brunetti.

So how does my hair look now? Glossy, glamorous, and ready for the races.

Tell Marie Claire: Did you ever use Mane 'n Tail shampoo? Would you use a product for horses if it made your hair healthier?