7 Truly Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles You Can Actually Do on Yourself

Because we know you're going to put this off until last minute, anyway.

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The holidays summed up in one word: Stressful. AF. Okay, fine, a few words, but they're all warranted, based on the fact that every single year, we're left running around, frantically attempting to get ready, while we're getting texts that we're late.

So to make this holiday season easier in the appearances department, we rounded up the seven prettiest, picture-worthy hairstyles that you can actually do yourself. Check them out, ahead, and get your combs out.

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1 This Finger-Twisted Faux Hawk

Surprise! This faux hawk is the work of a bunch of tiny, pinned buns, and absolutely zero extensions. So yes, you can even try this on short hair.

2 A Softly-Twisted Chignon

The key to this look: Messiness. Don't worry about grabbing perfect sections or smoothing flyaways—the looser, the better.

3 This Flat-Twist Updo

A simple hairline braid and a few pinned twists in back, and you've got a ridiculously gorgeous (and fast) updo.

4 This Twisted Ponytail

Quick and simple, this sleek ponytail requires only two side-twists and an elastic.

5 This Cuffed and Braided Updo

This intricate-looking protective style is deceptively easy: Create three braids down the center of your scalp, brush your hair into a bun, add extensions and some cuffs, and you're done.

6 These Half-Up Fishtail Braids

Not for the braiding novice—or the short-on-time—this Dutch Fishtail braid (yes, that's a thing) is a thing of holiday party dreams.

7 This Curly Chignon

A quick twist, a few strategically places bobby-pins, and you've got a surprisingly elegant-looking chignon.

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