Burgundy Hair Is the Prettiest Fall Hair Trend You Need to Try ASAP

It's like a glass of wine for your hair.

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When Neil Diamond sang "Red Red Wine" in 1978, we're pretty sure he was actually talking about his love of merlot-hued hair (...approximately 30 years before the trend took off, but hey).

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And, bonus, it looks good on virtually all hair types and skin tones, thanks to its mix of cool blue and warm red undertones, making it a surprisingly easy style to pull off. So to get you inspired to call your colorist, we rounded up the most screenshot-worthy pics, ahead, that would make even Neil Diamond swoon.

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1 These merlot and grape-hued curls

4 These raisin waves with plum highlights

6RV+/Berry Violet Watercolors laid over balayage =🍷🍷🍷 too early for happy hour?

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10 These subtle burgundy highlights

Happy Saturday everyone! ❤️🍷 #theloftwinnipeg

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11 This raisin and mauve lob

12 These raspberry and maroon waves

13 This sleek burgundy and maroon cut


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