The Secret to Long Hair...Finally!

My co-worker, Jenna, sashayed by my desk with luscious, waist-length locks, replacing what had been a shoulder length 'do just the day before. As a beauty enthusiast, I had to know every detail. How long will they last? Does it hurt? Is your hair going to fall out? How do they attach? I couldn't jump on board soon enough.

Enter Marc Mena: the Hair Extension King of New York. Literally 48 hours later, I plopped into his chair at Warren Tricomi Salon in The Plaza, where many celebrities and socialites have sat before me. In Marc's words, "Everyone's hair has its own destiny, a mind of its own." Unfortunately, my hair's destiny is to grow to my collar-bone and come to a screeching halt. With the help of Great Lengths, my destiny has been rewritten.

Great Lengths hair extensions are made from real human hair sourced from the temples of India and are snapped in with tiny, heat- free, keratin bonds. Marc has fittingly dubbed them "Karma Hair," and good karma they are indeed! As with any beauty upgrade, my waist length 'do has given me a newfound sense of confidence, both professionally and personally. Getting noticed is the first step in getting ahead, right?

The only real change in my day-to-day maintenance has been to actually brush my hair, which I have admittedly skipped out on in the past. I wash and style it just like I always have. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but long, shiny tresses certainly don't hurt!

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